11 Sep 2017

We at DPS Rewari constantly work to ensure that our children have a safe and happy learning environment.   To this effect we already have measures in place and we regularly update our systems and processes. I would like to assure you that:-

  1. No unauthorised person or visitor is allowed beyond the School Reception without a Visitors card.
  2. The security within the school consist of CCTV surveillance which covers every Class-Room, Corridors, School Entrance and the area outside each washroom. This CCTV surveillance and GPS is extended to buses as well.  We are in the process of further enhancing CCTV coverage.
  3. A female maid is stationed outside each washroom upto class V to keep a check on students going in and out of the washrooms.
  4. Police verification and medical check-up is under renewal of all Class IV Employees consisting of Drivers, Conductors, Peons, Nannies and House-Keeping.
  5. No Drivers/Conductors are allowed to enter the school building during school hours. A separate washroom and resting room has been provided for them by the school which is not accessible from the school building.
  6. All and nannies escort all Pre-Primary students to the washrooms.  However, I welcome suggestions to improve our system, for as always, we must walk this journey together to give our children a carefree childhood.