Activity Schedule 2017-18

Pre-Primary Wing Introducing myself, Food for the mind, Earth Day Celebration
(Nursery – Adopting a tree, Prep – Show and Tell)
Primary Wing Earth Day Celebration ( Class I –Bookmark Making , Class –II : Card
Making with Slogans, Class III : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Class IV – Preparing Ecomats with Newspaper, Class V – Granny’s Recipes)
Senior Wing Class VI – Group Song(English)
Class VII – Group Dance
Special Assemblies/Celebrations Essay Writing Competition on the occasion of
Founder’s Day
Pre-Primary Wing My Mother My World
Primary Wing Class I & II – Rhymes and Action Songs
Class III to V – Masterchef  Activity
Senior Wing Class VI –VIII – English Debate
Pre-Primary Wing Paint My Dream World, Show and Tell
Primary Wing Art and Craft Club Activities
Class I & II – Tearing and Pasting Activity
Class III – Creating Best out of Waste using old CDs
Class IV – Creative ideas with Ice Cream Sticks
Class V – Paper Roll up Craft
Senior Wing Quiz Time
(Class VI – S.St Quiz, Class VII – Science Quiz, Class VIII – Maths Quiz)
Pre-Primary Wing Janamashtami Celebration (Thematic Dress up Parade, Story
telling – Lord Krishna)
Primary Wing Janamashtami Celebration
Class I & II – Kanha ke Rang, Matki ke Sang
Class III – Rakhi Making
Class IV – Rangoli Making
Class V – Kite Flying
Senior Wing Class IX & XI – Speech Competition (Real Life Heroes)
Special Assemblies/Celebrations Independence Day Celebration
Pre-Primary Wing Guru Devo Bhava, Swachh Bharat, Sprout Salad Making
Primary Wing Swachh Bharat(Class room Cleaning Activity), Bouquet Making
Hindi Diwas Celebration (Class I – Show and Tell, Class II –
Dramatization, Class III – Story Enactment with props, Class IV –
Poetry Writing, Class V – Kaho Kahani Muhawaro Ki Jabaani)
Special Assemblies/Celebrations Science cum Art and Craft Exhibition by the
Junior school
Pre-Primary Wing Dussehra Celebration(Narrating story of Ramayana and Thematic
Dress up Parade)
Primary Wing Class I, II and III – English Plays
Class IV to V – Screening of the movie – Gandhi and Bhajan Singing
Senior Wing Gandhi Jayanti Celebration ( Class VI –VIII – ‘Gandhi in me’)
Special Assemblies/Celebrations Science Exhibition by Senior Wing
Pre-Primary Wing Etiquette Week
Special Assemblies/Celebrations Children Day Celebration, Annual Day
Pre-Primary Wing Christmas Carnival
Primary Wing Christmas Carnival, English Plays – Class IV and V
Senior Wing Sports Week
Pre-Primary Wing Saluting the National Heroes(Group Song, Popular Slogans with
Primary Wing Class I & II – Quiz Time
Class III – Dramatization of Railway platform
Class IV – Celebrate Book Character Day
Class V – English Debate
Senior Wing Solo Singing, Solo Dance, Monoacting Competition
Special Assemblies/Celebrations Republic Day Celebration
Pre-Primary Wing Grandparent’s Day
Primary Wing Sports Day Celebration