23 Jul 2022

Heartiest Congratulations to the students of class X for scaling the heights of excellence in CBSE Board Results 2021-2022 which is the reflection of their sheer hard work, determination and perseverance under the visionary guidance of DPS faculty and incessant blessing of their parents.

We extend our heartiest best wishes to all the students for successfully accomplishing a major milestone in academic strata.Class X Board Result 2021 – 22

-School Toppers

1. Tanya sachchar 99.2%

2. Riya Bhatotia & Vanika Jain 99%

3. Ananay 98.2%

Young Prodigies of class X displayed their exceptional cognitive skills by scoring impeccably in the different subjects.

Heartiest Congratulations to perfect Scorers!

Class X Board Result 2021 – 22-Perfect Scorers:

Maths – Tanya Sachar, Riya Bhatotia, Kopal Gupta, Dhruv Goyal, Dhruv Yadav, Harshit Mednawat.

Science – Vanika Jain, Kanishka Yadav

IT – Tanya Sachchar, Mahira SrivastavaEnglish – Sneha Chawla

Hindi – Vanika JainS.Sc – Yashika , Deepshikha

Class Average 85.1%95 & Above 29 Students 90 & Above 66 Students

Once again Heartiest Congratulations to the DPS fraternity.