What curriculum does the school follow?
The school follows CBSE curriculum.
How will you ensure the safety and security of my ward in the school premises?
The security of the students is the foremost priority of the school. Security measures taken by school for the safety of our children within the school premises are:

  • No unauthorised person or visitor is allowed beyond the School Reception without a Visitors card.
  • The security within the school consist of CCTV surveillance (through app. 150 cameras presently) which covers every Class-Room, Corridors, School Entrance and the area outside each washroom.
  • A female maid is stationed outside each washroom to keep a check on students going in and out of the washrooms.
  • Female attendants have been stationed at different areas in the school including Play/Swing area, Tennis Court, Parking Area, Near Canteen and near water tank.
  • An armed personnel has been stationed at the school reception to ensure single point entry in the school and also to keep a check that no visitor enters the school premises.
  • Four female guards have been appointed for round the clock surveillance.
  • Police verification and medical check-up has been conducted for all Class IV Employees consisting of Drivers, Conductors, Peons, Nannies and House-Keeping.
  • No Drivers/Conductor is allowed to enter the school building during school hours. A separate washroom and resting room has been provided for them by the school which is not accessible from the school building.
  • All Pre-Primary students are escorted to the washrooms by the maids.
  • Frisking of all visitors (including parents) is being done at the main gate for both male & female visitors.
  • Entry is denied without an Identity Proof.
  • No private vehicles are allowed inside the school premises.
  • We have devised a Buddy System upto class V wherein the students are sent out in pairs, if they need to leave the classrooms, go to the toilet, clinic etc.
  • We have ensured that the students toilets are being used by the students only and not by any adult or any periphery staff.
  • All the Boys as well as Girls toilet (excluding the ones used by students of Class XI and XII) are cleaned by female sweepers only.
  • The school has an Ambulance Service available in the school during working hours to handle any medical conditions.
  • The Safety Officer ensures different Safety arrangements in the school including Disaster Management arrangements, Fire prevention arrangements etc.
  • The Vigilance Officer checks different security arrangements round the clock watchfully.
  • A School Safety Committee has been constituted that reviews all the security arrangements time to time.
How will you ensure the safety of my ward in the school bus?
  • All the school buses are equipped with CCTV cameras(front as well as back) and GPS system.
  • It has been ensured that female conductor/assistant is present in each bus to ensure the security of the system.
  • The contact numbers of the bus conductor and Transport incharge are circulated among the parents.
  • Parents are allowed to trace the position of their ward’s bus by using a Bus Tracking system.
  • It has been observed that a lot of children are using private vehicles which are unsafe, overcrowded and not following safety regulations. Time & again we have reiterated that students should only commute to school through the safe and extensive network of school buses. These buses are manned by verified drivers and conductors. Parents must ensure that Police verification of Private cab drivers/attendants is carried out
  • It has been made imperative for a parent/authorized representative to collect the child from Nursery to V from their respective bus stops. Parents copy of the ID Card is being issued shortly, that is mandatory to be shown while collecting the child.
  • A form indicating the Safe Circle of the students has been sent to the parents, in which they shall be authorizing the representatives to collect the child from the bus stop. They are asked to paste the photographs of the child, both the parents and two authorized representatives on the form along with their details. These forms are to be carried by the conductors to verify the person while handing over the child.
What are the extra curricular activities taken up in the school?
In order to bring the innate potential of each child, the school hosts an array of extra curricular activities. The detailed list of all the activities being conducted in the school are available under the link ‘Activity Schedule’.
Does the school prepare the children for NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads and other competitive exams?
Yes, the school prepares the children for different competitive exams by organizing special classes.