The counselling services promote the holistic development of students by providing on-going prevention and intervention facilities and by offering them personal sessions. The school provides In-house Counselling services to assist children with their studies, provide career counselling and also help them with their personal issues. The counselor works rigorously towards understanding the hopes, aspirations and dreams of students. Special sessions for parents and teachers are also organized to discuss behavioural, academic, and other problems of the students.

Counselling & Career Guidance

We understand that students need Guidance and Counselling at every stage of school life.

The school provides the facility of Career Guidance in order to enable the students to make right right career choices.  The aim is to help young students to explore the opportunities open to them and make purposeful steps towards their future. Regular sessions are conducted by the teachers, invited guest speakers and career experts in order to update and guide the students. Students also visit different universities and career fairs to gain understanding of different careers.